From the first chapter, Chantell paints a vivid picture of how our enemy takes advantage of traumatic circumstances to craftily deceive our minds. Chantell is an example of how we can rise far above the ashes of defeat and hopelessness – to where we are entirely restored and fulfilled. One of the things that makes this book so captivating is Chantell’s ability to take us through her transformation journey. Each step of her testimony is backed by rich, biblical truth, carefully woven through it. Making this not only an enjoyable read – but powerfully relatable too.

André & Jenny Roebert

Founders of Faith Broadcasting Network

Interwoven through Chantell’s transparent and riveting story of her Royal Comeback are the tools for your very own Comeback. By the end, you haven’t just been inspired by her journey; you’ve been equipped for yours. This remarkable story is told in such a way that will leave you knowing that, no matter what life has dished out, you too can overcome. One of my favorite parts about this book is that Chantell‘s goal isn’t just to make it, but to bring as many with her into the Kingdom as she can.

Rhonda Spencer

Author and International Speaker
Pastor at His Tabernacle Family Church

Chantell Davis is a true Christian. Kind in her dealings with everyone. What she has to impart from her life is very much worth receiving.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth

Evangelist and Founder of Revival Today

Real is rare – and this is what I read. This is what makes Royal Comeback so anointed. A life story that speaks about authenticity! It is a story of hope and love. No matter your past, Jesus stands with arms wide open to take us into our true identity. This Comeback is waiting for all of us. Chantell’s story brings Kingdom down to earth for everyone that opens their heart.

Retah McPherson

New York Times bestselling author of A Message from God
International Speaker

‘Compelling’, ‘honest’, ‘profound’, and ‘life-giving’ are only a few words describing this book. Once you started reading, you will not be able to put it down. She writes with such brutal honesty and vulnerable clarity about her life and walks with God that I had to keep on reading. She takes the reader on a journey with her. This courageous young woman’s life story will enrich your life! Her extraordinary walk with God opens a new understanding of how God can do far more in and through us than we could ever fathom! A must-read!

Elza Meyer

Founder of Turn2God Ministries

In Royal Comeback, Chantell Davis shares with great personal honesty her harrowing journey through trauma and tragedy to reveal the supernatural and redemptive love of God. Chantell unpacks powerful biblical truths and shows how they can bring healing, even in the most challenging seasons of our lives. Chantell’s writing style is fast-paced and engaging, making Royal Comeback enjoyable as well as inspirational. This book will breathe fresh hope into your heart as you read, providing you with a pathway to transformation.

Jo Naughton

Author and International Speaker
Founder of Healed for Life

When you read the book, Royal Comeback, you genuinely get to know and feel the author.  She is overflowing with God’s love and full of His uncompromising Word. This book will encourage you if you feel your life is a mess and propel you to share a powerful message that will bring glory to God. When women stand up from the darkest situations and overcome insurmountable mountains that they never signed up for, they become the most powerful force on earth. As you read the pages, you are encouraged to move forward in your life’s journey, to arise and shine forth God’s glorious light. You will get healing in every area of your life. Chantell explores how to completely surrender and trust God. You will discover your voice and how to stand up with the royalty God has placed within you. We learn that God brings redemption and reconciliation into darkness, and you will truly discover victory over injustice. You will be empowered by the depth and insight of a true story!

Nicky & Lillian van der Westhuizen

Pastors and Founders of NBCFC

Royal Comeback is one of the most captivating books that I have ever read. Our creator has put within us (especially the ladies) to be intrigued by royalty, romance, and overcoming impossible situations. It is the rag-to-riches, commoner to royalty, ugly duckling who becomes a princess – dream of every little girl. We all love a good underdog story about the one who wouldn’t quit but overcame and won. This true-life story has all of this and more. Yet, it is peppered with some of the best discipleship teachings that I have encountered in many years. Chantell has been endowed by God with the combined gifts of teaching and writing to show us by precept and example how to overcome. It is not a Cinderella story but a true Bible story involving The Word of God, the name of Jesus Christ, and the anointing of The Holy Spirit, to bring beauty out of ashes. Chantell radiates the fruit of The Spirit with an inner and outer beauty that draws us to Jesus. She points the way to Him with a heart-felt humility and gives all the glory to The Lord. Chantell takes the time to show us that the grace and long-suffering of our Lord is more than enough to change us from the inside-out. She also points out that this was not an over-night miracle but an on-going process. Chantell shows us that allowing The Holy Spirit to have His complete way involves these qualities: time, a life of repentance, willingness to receive correction, refusing to wallow in self-pity, and relying entirely on God His Word. I love Chantell’s sense of humor. She is open and transparent about the insecurities that try to overtake us as parents and mates. None of us are exempt from the enemy of our souls trying to heap condemnation upon us or tempting us to take matters into our own hands. Royal Comeback is a must-read for anyone who has struggled with any of these traits: our past, condemnation, insecurity, rebellion, and anything else that does not line up with The Word of God. Have you asked God to help you with those things? He just did. He used a yielded vessel by the name of Chantell Davis to become totally vulnerable for your sake. Do not let this divine opportunity pass you by. We should continue to learn, but it is better to learn from other’s mistakes. We can learn on our own, but the tuition is too high.

Debbie Rich Rester

President of Debbie Rich Ministries
Pastor of Faithlife Church
Dean of Word and Spirit Institute

Royal Comeback is a lifeline! Life-Changing! A must-read for anyone navigating the hills and valleys of life. Chantell’s transparency is not just informing; rather, it’s empowering! Chantell’s wisdom, authenticity, and vulnerability jump off the pages. Through her personal struggles, fears, and battles, she ultimately rises to walk out her divine calling. Her unique anointing will unlock the potential that lies dormant within you as it relates to your purpose. As you open your heart, she will help birth what’s on the inside of you. Beware, you’re on the verge of a Royal Comeback!

Elictia Hart

Author and Pastor of Eagles Nest Worship Centre

This book is a must-read for all women! The author takes you on a journey, of a life that was once a royal mess, now transformed into a Royal message. Through the great insights and lessons learnt, this book will bring the reader inner healing and a renewed hope that they too can overcome.

Lizelle Maurice

South African Country Lead of Timeless Women of Worth Foundation
National Board Member of the Businesswomen’s Association South Africa

I can recommend this book without reservation. It is exceptionally well written. The story is entertaining, transparent and will help many to deal with the issues that they face. They say that “reality is sometimes stranger than fiction,” and that is what you will find. The sovereign workings of the Holy Spirit will encourage you to expect His Grace to touch your life as well. Do yourself a favour and purchase this book.

Jimmy Crompton

Senior Pastor of Word of Faith
Apostolic oversight of City Churches and Apostolic Faith Fellowship

In this book, Chantell Davis has captured and penned down the Father’s heart so beautifully and powerfully. This book will provoke you to know that no one is ever too far gone or has made too many mistakes for God to rescue them. God’s perfect love will break down any lie and crush every wall to locate you. He will never give up on you. His love is unconditional. He is closer than your next breath. The principles talked about in this book has the power to lead you on an adventure that will result in total transformation. Anybody reading this book will find great joy as they recognize that God’s heart for them is to step out of any insecurity into their God-given identity. Now awaken to your real identity and begin to see His likeness unfold within and without!

André & Nadia Nel

Founders of Kingdom Culture South Africa

I believe the title of this book is a prophetic declaration over every person that will read it. From the moment you start reading “Royal Comeback“, you will be moved by the author’s authenticity. I believe this book will bring freedom in so many areas of every reader’s life. Chantell has an extraordinary gift to communicate her message in a way that will speak to you irrespective of the season you find yourself in. She writes about the pain and the disappointment she experienced. Still, she also gives the much-needed tools to overcome and set you up for a royal comeback.

Johandre Potgieter

Evangelist and Founder of Good News Association

I read your book, and it was by far one of the most real and transparent books I’ve ever read. The Realness of it makes it easily relatable.  Royal Comeback’ captivates you from the beginning right through till the end, so much so that once you pick up the book, you are afraid to put it down! One of the highlights in the book is how you can give us such insightful and impactful guidelines. No matter how far you have fallen, you can still find your way back.  I believe this book speaks to every broken or confused person out there. Young or old, struggling to find their identity or struggling with addiction, anything for that matter. None of the above mentioned can keep God away from you or make Him not want you. God will always choose you, no matter what. All He ever asks of us is that we make room for Him. There is a promise of abundance in discovering the royal blood that flows through our veins. I would like to thank you for sharing your ‘Royal Comeback’ with the world. I know without a doubt that this book will touch thousands of lives across the globe as it did mine.

Leo dos Santos

Pastor of Blended Family Church

I believe that this book will break off every lie you ever believed about yourself. It will change the way you think and bring you into seeing the world, others, and yourself through the light of the Gospel. This book will take you from darkness to light. From victim to victor. From sinner to son/saint. From lost to found, from orphan to adopted into the family of God. If you apply what you read and take it to heart, you will go from poverty to prosperity in body, spirit, and soul. This book is filled with “nuggets” that will get you aligned with heaven and bring you back into the Love of the Father. World changers, planet shakers, and earthmovers are made in the secret place. Apart from His presence, you will never know His person. If you never know His person, you will never fully know His plans. He is our light in the darkness, He is our lamp to our feet, and He is our plan to our life. What I see in reading this book is this: “If Jesus is your plan A, you will never need a plan B”

Pickard Henn

Evangelist and Founder of Christ in Action Ministries

Chantell has done an amazing job in writing a book that is transparent about her past, recognizes brokenness, yet sees the gold and helps to bring you to greatness. While reading the book, we had to think about an old hymn which says: “…turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in His wonderful face. And the things on earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.”No matter what happened to you, by going through the chapters, you will learn to look in the beautiful face of Jesus. And His glory will more and more shine in the dark places of your life. We were inspired by the stories of both depths and heights, and to see the Grace of God bring Chantell’s life from the pit to the palace. It will be a tremendous blessing to you. Whether you’re in the most challenging place at this moment and feel like an underdog, it will give perspective and hope to become the top dog. This book is a fantastic tool for all people who are already living out their dreams since this book will help you to aim for more of Gods favour and blessing in your life.

Jarno & Liesbeth van Dijk

Founders of Kingdom Culture Netherlands

Nothing speaks to me more profoundly than a real-life story! From trauma to rebellion to depression to salvation to living victoriously! Royal Comeback will keep you glued to the pages as you follow the story of Chantell Davis – an ordinary girl who experiences some supernatural, extraordinary outcomes. Weaved through the pages, you will be intrigued by Chantell’s personal journey in discovering the reality of who God the Father is. Coupled alongside that, a beautiful romantic love story and the genuine day-to-day experiences of being a mom! Royal Comeback stirs up hope. Will build your faith. Make you laugh and cry. But ultimately, it will draw you to the power of the cross and the truth of God’s Word. Read this book – apply the practical tips. Allow the Lord to minister to you as you absorb every word. Your Royal Comeback is waiting for you!

Tracy Tredrea

Author, International Speaker,  and TV Host
Founder of Tracy Tredrea Ministries

This is not your typical Christian book. There is something tangibly real and raw- honest in this book that many people have longed for. “Royal Comeback” is not a book that bashes you over the head or points out where others fall short. Instead is showcase a raw, unmasked look at real life. I have no doubt that every person will be affected deeply by this “Raw & honest book.” This book is about overcoming obstacles and not about quitting or defeat. It’s all about hope in the end. “Royal Comeback” reflects our living God to a world in desperate need of hope. This book is loaded with hope. Hope gives you spiritual stamina, endurance, and makes you feel strong, healthy, and worthy. It will charge you with a new breath of life. All of us, without exception, get hurt. We were beaten up in this life. It’s only when you truly surrender to God, as Chantell did, and allow God to change you that the painful past, shame, and self-pity begins to drop from you. It is then where you don’t ask God where He is anymore. Then we discover what His purpose is for us and never let go of hope.

Leon Terblanche

Author of Learn to Roar! and Gebore Wenners – adapted into the movie: Born to Win 
Pastor of Suid-Kaap Christen Familie

This book is like a mine of wisdom and truth. The jewels and pearls of knowledge found here within are so evident in Chantell Davis’s life. The transparency and authenticity of her story are gripping, refreshing, and relatable. She invites the reader to learn about her past while showcasing how she acquired the library of her knowledge base. The breakthrough came from walking closely with God, as she wisely details the truth that has empowered her to transform her life. This book is enriching for the soul and life-giving for the spirit. Within these pages, you will find Transformative truth concerning identity, destiny, inheritance, purpose, and freedom found in Christ. She rightly renews our perspective on what is real accomplishment, success, and fulfillment. This masterpiece is dovetailed and draped with eloquence and truth of our divine royalty. She gradually, wisely, and persuasively leads us to a call of action. The action to take is this: firstly, the realization of our identity in Christ and secondly, the approval and blueprint to actualizing our greatness. The most significant discovery found is this mine of wealth is the jewel knowledge of Jesus Christ and the life-saving power found in His life. This beautifully written book is a must-read and should be kept as a lifelong concordance: a genuine bookmarker for greatness, identity, destiny, inheritance, purpose, and freedom found in Christ. We are and have been so honored to call Chantell, our friend. We are eternally thankful for God’s great calling over her life.

Gabriel and Shannon-Leigh Ntshikose

Co-founders of Alakhe Publishers
Co-authors of  My Ribs and Your Organs
Author of The Psalms of Gabriel series of books

I was so impressed with this book; it is filled with hope, encouragement, and how anyone can have a great “Royal Comeback.” No matter what your past was like when you trust in Jesus, good will come your way. Royal, because we become children of the King of Kings when we are saved. It has a significant focus on how important it is to find your identity in Jesus Christ, and not in your own ability and strength. It brings hope to the hopeless and encourages the faint of heart to not give up. Also, how not to allow the world system and society to dictate your future and potential.

Sadi & Karen Pekerol


There are thousands of books written every year, then there are those books that HAD to be written. Chantell Davis’ book, Royal Comeback, is such a book! This is a book that everyone should read, especially parents, those broken down by circumstances and society, those carrying the scars of life, as well as those struggling to find a purpose for life. The reader will be taken on a journey, just like the author did, examining the truth of the labels we carry. It addresses – without holding punches – the reality of divorce. The book highlights the impact that divorce has on the family and the guilt children carry, believing they are at fault. This is the culmination of a life of destiny, when, through the grace of God, restoration takes place. This book will change your life! It will show you that God is not finished with you when society wants to give up on you. God can and will still use the most broken people to further His Kingdom.

Carl Davis

Author and Pastor

Royal Comeback is a testimony of the Supernatural Power of God restoring and healing an emotional and spiritually broken person to the fullness of His purpose, identity, potential and spiritual maturity. While I was reading, the lyrics of an old, old song came to my mind: “I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene and wonder how he could love me, a sinner, condemned, unclean.” As I began to read through the paragraphs of this book, I saw a young girl fighting and searching for her own identity caused by reality and circumstances of life. A girl overwhelmed by life’s challenges. The effect of the shock and trauma was traumatic, and I have learned that there is hope no matter how hopeless your situation might be. As the reader read through the pages of this fantastic book, I pray that they will see a reflection of their own life. For too long, the world was blinded by the enemy believing his lies of being ugly and shameful. Still, it’s time to see ourselves through the eyes of Jesus. Chantell unleashed a book that gives the reader a solution to situations. This book speaks to the mind, spirit, body and soul. It is a spiritual torch that will rekindle the flames of hope, dreams and promises of the reader into a better and brighter life. Teaching us to walk in the old, godly way so that many lives can be healed and restored.

Frikkie & Bertah Spies

Pastors and Founders of El-Shammah Ministries International

Royal Comeback describes Chantell’s journey, from a pointless life of pursuing the things the world has to offer to be brought to her knees and losing all of her possessions… Chantell tells her story full of blunders and imperfections of how God transformed her ordinary life into a life of significant purpose and power. Chantell does not hold back as she openly speaks about her youth and misguided decisions that took her along a path of self-destruction. As God finds her and redirects her to serve His purpose, she learns ancient principles relating to her role in the family and the church. Royal Comeback reveals the power vested in the blessings of God that we are empowered to impart to our children and families. How refreshing to see a woman of God who does not try to hide or cover her mistakes and failures but instead uses them as demonstrations of how great God’s grace is. As she takes the reader with her through medical traumas, emotional traumas, and violent personal assault, we can all relate to her experiences, pain, and fear. Her responses make her one hundred percent human and no more impressive than the next person. Her passion for chasing after God and her hunger to fully experience everything God has for her inspires the reader to want to live a life of impact. And her experience makes it so very credible and achievable for everybody. Thank you, Chantell, for your boldness to tell it as it is and to inspire us to be more than we are now.

Dr. Melanie Frazer

Counselling Psychologist

In Royal Comeback, Chantell Davis takes readers on a heartfelt journey of her early years, growing up in a broken home. In her life story, Chantell highlights her misconceptions, deep pain and suffering, which led to the brokenness in her spirit. Then later, she details her encounter with God and her spiritual growth into maturity, fulfilling the role God intended for her. Readers will be able to identify with many of the issues Chantell touches on in the story of her life, and like her, experience the victory that only Jesus can bring.

Andrew & Sandra Smith


We live in a time that could be described as extremely challenging, and many feel exhausted and depleted of hope. But, we also live in the most incredible time ever as far as the Kingdom of God is concerned, because God, our Father, specializes and takes delight in making all things new.  He can turn your mess into a message and your trials into a testimony. He is a good Father, and this is exactly what Royal Comeback is about.  This book will take you on a journey of God-discovery, self-discovery and destiny-discovery.  It is such a beautiful invitation from the Holy Spirit to wholeness and destiny. It is His loving and relentless focus to heal every part of your spirit, soul and body – to bring you into all the promises and life that He has for you. Chantell intricately describes her life experiences and how this shaped her and her relationship with the Father. This book is for such a time as this – for such a generation as this. The truths, teachings and tips found in her book have the power to set you free and change your life. From the Biblical perspective, practical application and even jungle juice recipes! A fantastic precursor to many more to come and a handbook for walking out identity in all aspects of life. It’s real, practical, and an incredible resource.

Henk & Sandra Barnard

Pastors and Founders of Love Decided Ministries

Royal Comeback was definitely one of the best books I have read in a while. Growing up in the Little Karoo, Chantell takes you on a spiritual journey through her own life experiences and how God has used these experiences to mould and shape her into the beautiful, strong and anointed woman of God that she is today.
Beautifully written with so much honesty and authenticity this book sometimes had me laughing and sometimes also crying as the Holy Spirit ministered to my own heart through Chantell’s experiences and teachings. The ancient principles taught in this book, if applied, will significantly impact your life and stir you to a deeper relationship and faith in God. Make the investment today, your true design/identity will thrive.

Henlo Boshoff


Chantell Davis takes us on an incredible captivating journey of healing as she bares her soul and offers the truth of God’s word in between the pages of her honesty. A must-read; relevant and sincere.

Adri van Nieuwenhuizen

Managing Director of Pink Trees for Pauline